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If you follow me you know one of my favorite makeup to do is editorial makeup. I chatted with fellow pro artist Aimee Twist, who shares the same love for editorials.

How did you start?

I have been doing my makeup on myself for as long as I can remember, playing with my mum's lipsticks and painting but got into it properly when I was in my teens. I liked to experiment, fitting it in with whatever my style was at the time and doing it for my friends. I thought about studying makeup in college, but at the time my parents thought I should do something a bit more academic. I was working in an office and took a career break to go traveling, it was then that I decided wasn’t content and wanted to do something more creative. I then decided to give up my job and take a short course in makeup! I started my career working on a makeup counter, I initially enjoyed it, playing with the products and picking up skills but it was never really a place where I could grow artistically. It was so much more about targets and selling, something I was never really interested in.

Inspirations, where to get them?

I am inspired by everything really, I’m such a visual person and like to absorb everything around me. I get a lot of my inspiration from the music I listen to, it’s a real driving force in my mood and it really helps me when I’m stuck for ideas. I have a lot of heroes I look up to and they can be real inspirations when I’m creating period looks, which is something I do a lot of!

Why editorial, what do you like about it?

I actually love all makeup, I love how so many things can be created using something that you can just wash away. For me with editorial, I love that its so much more than creating a beautiful look, its about sharing a vision and artist interpretation. I love working with a team and bringing everyone’s ideas together to create something new and exciting. I also like doing things that people wouldn’t expect, not everyone is going to like what you do and that’s fine!

What was a turning point in your career as a Makeup Artist?

I would say that last year was when things started to change, I was still working at the counter but putting in all my days off doing tests and editorials. I started reaching out to other creatives, working with anyone that replied, begging my colleagues to swap their days with me so I never had to say no to anything. When I was at work, I spent all my time practicing editorial looks and not a lot of time doing what I probably should have been doing. I spent my birthday doing a weeklong course with Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy, it was a business-related course for artists who were already working in the industry but probably weren’t given the aftercare they expected from previous training. I learned a lot and it gave me the little push I needed, I left work and got signed to Creatives Agency!

Do you have a signature look?

It's not something I really think about, I think that’s probably for other people to interpret. I don’t like the idea of being pigeonholed, makeup for me is about fun and expression. I create looks based on what I’m feeling at the time and I think especially with social media, you’re constantly changing and evolving your style. 

What's the favourite look you've done so far?

My favourite look would probably be my green graphic eye, it was a look I did while I was still working on the counter and cropped the image so you couldn’t tell. It’s a look that always surprises me when it gets attention, because of where I was in my career at the time and it's really nostalgic for me. I’m probably my own worst critic though, so it is always hard for me to pick favourites!

Favorite products

The products that I use on pretty much every makeup are:

Soap Brows

its what I use on everyone to create my brow looks, it makes the brows super malleable and can’t be beat for a fluffy brow

Face & Body Foundation

Its my favourite for creating a glossy skin without all the highlighter and never looks cakey

Soleil Tan de Chanel

It’s the best bronzer for a skin-like finish, it is really is the perfect product for just warming up the face

Depixym Paints

I never start any editorial makeup without them, it's pretty much all I use for my colour looks, they are easily mixed and last!


My Secret weapon

My secret weapon is probably Weleda Skin Food, not only is it a fantastic moisturizer for dry skin but is the best glow on camera. I don’t really like powder highlighters but love glossy and glass skin. I usually pop this where you would normally put highlighter and it gives the most beaming finish!


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